Portrait Hey there, I’m Billy and welcome to my Asian drama blog. I’ve watched Asian dramas since I was young and it has become a hobby of mine. So why not create a blog about all the dramas I’ve watched and share that with everyone? So here I am with Drama for Gents, a blog introducing (mainly) Asian dramas primarily for (but not limited to) guys. It’s also a platform for me to share my thoughts about all the dramas I watch.

Here’s a little bit more about me. I am a designer and artist in Hawaii who enjoy web and graphic design, drawing, and animation. When I’m not working or watching dramas, I like to explore the newest restaurants and bubble tea places around town. Follow me on Twitter for my ramblings on drama, anime, food and life in general.


If you have any questions or even some feedback about this website, feel free to email me.

Email: bwan@cfwan.com